Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Surgery

Mastopexy & breast lift surgery in Sydney.

A Mastopexy or breast lift is the perfect procedure for those on whom gravity has taken its toll. With time and age (and sometimes more suddenly as a result of breast feeding or weight loss) breasts tend to sag and lose their previous perkiness and pertness. This is a natural and normal occurrence and is often when Mastopexy surgery is most beneficial.

Quite often a Mastopexy is performed in conjunction with a Breast Augmentation to give patients a completely renewed look and feel and change the total aesthetic of the chest. However, breast lift surgery can also be undertaken on its own, independently of breast implants. It is up to the discretion and preference of the patient and her specific needs.

If your breasts are sagging (breast ptosis) or drooping and you want a perkier and sexier bust, contact Dr. Rizk today for a unique consultation where he’ll expertly collaborate with you to achieve your dream results.