Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery procedures in Sydney.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery suits those who have undergone mastectomy surgery for breast cancer. It also suits patients who have received less than ideal breast surgery and would like to reconstruct new and better breasts.

It is common for women to desire a breast reconstruction after mastectomy surgery. The desire is normal and great results can be achieved with breast reconstruction.

Who can be offered Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction can be offered to women who have had a mastectomy and their treatment is complete. Whether you have had radiotherapy or not there are options for your breast reconstruction.

What are the options for Breast Reconstruction?

The breast can be reconstructed with autologous tissue (the patients own tissue) or with an implant. To get to the final reconstruction usually there are multiple stages. For example one option is tissue expander insertion followed by 3 months later an implant or free flap reconstruction. However there are one stage options for breast reconstruction.

The goal of breast reconstruction surgery is to create a natural looking shape that compliments your figure and results in improved quality of life.

Dr Joseph Rizk at Dr Joseph Rizk Plastic Surgery works with a team and can offer you the best Breast Reconstruction Sydney that would suit your body and life situation. Contact the office on 1300 440 441 or to make an appointment. If you get a referral you will be eligible for a medicare rebate for the consultation.