Breast Augmentation (Fat Transfer to breast)

Breast Augmentation (Fat Transfer to breast) Surgery in Sydney

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Are you looking for a natural and ground-breaking way to increase the size of your breasts? Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is a pioneering breast augmentation procedure designed to take unwanted fat from the thighs or stomach and place it in the breast to increase the size and overall look of the chest.

This method is also known as fat grafting (or autologous fat transfer.) It is gaining increasing popularity and attention in Australia as a more natural alternative to manufactured breast implants. It is already a common procedure in the US and Europe.

Patients may decide they feel more comfortable and at ease with having their own tissue used as implants rather than manufactured synthetic materials. Where synthetic implants wear out, fat transfer implants can last a lifetime.

To start your path toward a happier and healthier you, call Dr Rizk today for an individual consultation tailored precisely for your needs and preferences today.

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