Gynecomastia (Man Boob) Surgery

Gynecomastia & Male breast reduction surgery Sydney.

Have you struck bad luck in the genetic lottery? Has losing or gaining too much weight resulted in feminine looking “man breasts” which are affecting your confidence? Man Chest Surgery (or gynecomastia) surgery can reduce your man boobs and give you back the self-esteem and self-assurance you’ve been missing.

Man Chest surgery can be performed through Liposuction, which removes excess fatty tissues. One can also undergo surgical excision to remove excess glandular tissue and skin from the chest area.

Offering years of expertise across plastic and reconstructive surgery in Sydney, Dr Rizk has performed Gynecomastia surgery for men of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it’s taking your shirt off at the beach, participating in sports or enjoying physical intimacy with your partner, the goal of this procedure is to improve your quality life.

If you are considering male breast reduction surgery in Sydney, be sure to call Dr Joseph Rizk Plastic Surgery today.

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