Inverted Nipple Surgery

Inverted nipple correction surgery in Sydney.

Are one or both of your nipples inverted? Do you want a natural, pointy look to your nipples? Are you struggling to breast feed and as a result bond with your child? Inverted Nipple Surgery is the procedure of reversing inverted nipples and returning them to a more authentic, functioning and ordinary state.

There are three degrees of nipple inversion.

  1. The nipple is inverted under the aerola but can be manipulated to protrude. The nipple then retracts again, normally after a few minutes. This is commonly suitable enough for breast feeding.
  2. The nipple is inverted and must be forcefully manipulated to temporarily protrude. Breast feeding can be made possible with surgery on the milk ducts.
  3. The nipple remains inverted even with extensive stimulation. Surgery is required to rebalance the muscle pull.

The goal of Inverted Nipple Surgery is to create a nipple which compliments your figure and results in an improved quality of life.

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