Nipple Areola Reconstruction Surgery

Nipple & areola reconstructive surgery procedures in Sydney.

Breast Implant

Nipple Reconstruction or Nipple Areola Reconstruction is the changing or reconstruction of the size and shape of the nipple. It is often undertaken as the final component of Breast Reconstruction surgery, however, it can also be performed as an individual procedure independent of Breast Augmentation or Reduction surgeries.

If you have undertaken Breast Reconstruction surgery and are looking to complete the perfect and most natural look for your breasts, Nipple Reconstruction surgery is ideal for you.

This procedure aims to correct problems associated with various issues such as:

  • Inverted Nipples
  • Protruding Nipples
  • Enlarged Nipples
  • Asymmetrical Nipples

The goal of Nipple Reconstruction surgery is to increase the self-esteem, quality of life and confidence of the patient. Dr. Rizk’s professional eye and experience can help you change the shape and size of your nipples today. Book a consultation now.