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Experience natural looking breast augmentation or a more fuller round look with Dr Joseph Rizk Sydney Plastic Surgeon. Request a consultation for quality breast implants at an accredited facility under general anaesthetic.

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If you proceed with surgery our consultation fee is deducted from the total price

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About Dr Joseph Rizk

Dr Rizk - Plastic and Breast Surgeon Sydney

Dr Joseph Rizk is a trusted advanced Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon based in Sydney. He has undergone significant training to become a leader in the fields of breast, face and body surgery. These are his exclusive areas of clinical practice. He also has significant expertise in non-surgical cosmetic therapies, such as injections, chemical peels and skin rejuvenation laser treatments.

Dr Rizk’s philosophy is that in Plastic Surgery, every patient requires a uniquely tailored solution to their presenting medical issue. The aim is to improve the quality of life of the patient, and finding this in consultation is the most crucial aspect of being a Plastic Surgeon.