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Tummy Tuck In Sydney


Also known as abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck procedure removes excess abdominal skin and tightens deep abdominal muscles. Getting rid of belly fat is a goal that many struggle to achieve, and Dr. Rizk understands your frustration! Tummy tucks can produce dramatic results, providing an improvement in contour and leads to removal of excess skin and better-fitting clothes.

If you are considering a tummy tuck procedure, we urge you to talk to Dr. Rizk. Compassionate, caring, and a trusted Plastic Surgeon in Sydney. He is dedicated to helping you find results with customized options designed for you!

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Abdominoplasty helps to improve the contour of the abdomen and to narrow the waist by tightening the abdominal muscles. Women with stretched areas of the stomach caused by previous pregnancies can benefit substantially from abdominoplasty. Others whose skin no longer has the same elasticity and are somewhat obese can experience an improvement in their abdominal area with abdominoplasty.

How Can Abdominoplasty Help Me?

What Are The Different Types Of Tummy Tucks?

Depending on your aesthetic goals and degree of abdominal skin laxity, there are several tummy tuck options. The simplest tummy tuck procedure is the MINI-TUMMY TUCK. Patients without much skin laxity are good candidates for this procedure. A mini tummy tuck is where the procedure is focused on removing loose skin below the naval (the lower “pooch”, targeting the skin only so no muscle repair is needed). This results in a smaller incision, and not having to relocate the naval during surgery.

The belly-button stalk is also freed up so that it won’t end up too low. Once the excess skin is removed, a new “hole” is created and the belly-button brought out through that hole and stitched into place. Therefore, with the CLASSIC OR STANDARD TUMMY TUCK, there is a hip-to-hip scar and another scar for the belly-button. When patients lose large amounts of weight (i.e. over 100 pounds), then they are likely good candidates for EXTENDED TUMMY TUCKS (which have a longer hip-to-hip scar), or CIRCUMFERENTIAL TUMMY TUCKS (which are also called LOWER BODY LIFTS since the scar goes all the way around the lower body and not only tightens the midsection, it also lifts the outer thighs and buttocks). A final option for patients with excessively loose skin in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions is to combine their tummy tuck with a VERTICAL SKIN REMOVAL procedure.

Abdominoplasty surgery is quite common for men who have had a successful weight loss journey, and who want to remove the excess skin so they can truly enjoy their achievements.

Can Men Get Tummy Tucks?


Can I Combine A Tummy Tuck With Other Procedures?

Of course! A mummy makeover is a great example where we can include other procedures such as liposuction, breast lift, breast implants, thigh lift, arm lift, or a butt lift. Abdominoplasty is just the beginning of what we can help you with when it comes to improving your body contour.

Recovery varies for every patient. On average your hospital stay will be 2-4 days.

After your Sydney tummy tuck some pain and discomfort is usual. The abdomen will be tender during the healing process. You will be provided with postoperative antibiotics to help with the healing process.

What Happens During Recovery?

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