Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty & tummy tuck surgery procedures in Sydney.

Achieve a firmer, enhanced profile with a tummy tuck procedure at Dr Joseph Rizk Plastic Surgery in Sydney

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Surgery aims to remove fat and extra loose skin from the abdomen and to restore the integrity of the core abdominal muscle, rectus abdominus. In most cases, it will restore weakened or separated muscles, and change the shape and tone of the abdomen to create a firmer and smoother profile. Tummy tuck is a colloquial term for abdominoplasty.

Why does someone require a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck might be needed after multiple pregnancies, massive weight loss or obesity. The symptoms one might present with are;

  • dislike of appearance
  • weak abdomen
  • excessive fat pockets or loose skin in the region

Leading the way in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Sydney, Dr Rizk can assess you and determine if you would benefit from an abdominoplasty procedure.

To further discuss your needs, book a consultation using the quick consult form. The consultation will attract a Medicare rebate if you have a referral from your General Practitioner, lessening your costs.

What would Dr Rizk need to know from you during the consultation?

Dr Rizk will take a history and perform an examination. He will find out many things. Some points that are important include;

  • What is your general health like and can you handle surgery?
  • What are your main reasons for wanting a tummy tuck?
  • Have you had children and would you want more?
  • Are you at your ideal weight?
  • Who will help you at home during recover?
  • Can you take time off work to recover?
  • Do you understand the procedure of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and have you fully understood the risks and potential complications?

How much does an abdominoplasty procedure cost and where does the consultation take place?

For a guide on estimated costs, please contact our office on 1300 440 441 or email us using the quick consult form on the right.

What is the next step before Abdominoplasty?

The next step for is to make an appointment to see Dr Rizk at this practice in Sydney. He will assess you and determine if you would benefit from an abdominoplasty procedure. The consultation will attract a Medicare rebate if you have a referral from your General Practitioner.

How can I get a true idea of what surgery and recovery is like?

Many patients in Sydney and around the world have detailed their personal stories as they journey through a tummy tuck. Here is one such example.

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If you have recently experienced the joy of pregnancy or have lost a significant amount of weight, you may have excess fatty tissues or unsightly skin folds around the abdominal region, waist and hips. Men who have put in the long hours at the gym can also benefit from the aesthetic reshaping of their midsection.

Vigorous exercise and a painstaking diet may not always achieve the toned, flat abdomen you want when saggy excess skin is present. Poor skin elasticity, muscle laxity and stubborn fat may contribute to the shape and size of your stomach, hips and waist making it tricky to wear the outfits you want.

A tummy tuck, also known as ‘abdominoplasty’ seeks to restore a youthful, toned figure following pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss or naturally through gravity and ageing.  It is a surgical procedure to eliminate excess skin folds and fat around the lower stomach region to achieve a slender figure and promote confidence in your own body.

With a modern, state-of-the art Sydney clinic and experienced professionals, Dr Rizk provides you with a safe, personalised tummy tuck and abdominoplasty service to achieve that much desired aesthetic, natural look for your stomach.

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