3 things you should know about treatment for ‘man boobs’

Gynaecomastia Surgery Sydney

Gynaecomastia (referred to as ‘man boobs’) is the enlargement of male breast tissue. It can occur in both or one breast and can present in mild to severe forms. Men who suffer from this condition are often embarrassed and it effects their social and professional life by lowering self-esteem. Occasionally the breast tissue can be painful. Obese men can appear to have man boobs however this is not true gynaecomastia.

Dr Joseph Rizk who is a Plastic Surgeon based in Burwood, Sydney, outlines 3 points a patient should ask their Plastic Surgeon.

1. What caused my ‘man boobs’?
Before Gynaecomastia surgery is performed one must know the cause of the gynaecomastia and determine if it might recur.
Man boobs appear in infancy, puberty and old age.
It is common in infancy and puberty.
When the testosterone to oestrogen ratio changes breast tissue can grow.
Gynaecomastia (the imbalance) can be caused by genetics, medications or recreational drugs or sports enhancing drugs, chronic disease or be physiological when less testosterone is made or more oestrogen is produced.

2. Do I have excess skin as well as breast tissue?
If you have excess skin you will need skin reduction surgery as well as breast tissue reduction surgery. This is important to know as it will tell you if you will have scars that are more prominent.

3. After surgery what is my recovery like?
This type of surgery requires rest and specific treatments to reduce the swelling and promote good healing. A person with an active job involving heavy lifting really does need to take 2-4 weeks of reduced duty to recover well. A garment is usually warn for 6-12 weeks.

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