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Award-winning plastic surgery in Sydney

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Plastic Surgeon of the Year

Dr Joseph Rizk, Plastic Surgeon of the Year AUSTRALASIA (MyFaceMyBody Awards 2020)


Dr Joseph Rizk

Award-Winning Reconstructive & Plastic Surgeon in Sydney

The International Winner of Plastic Surgeon of the Year AUSTRALASIA (MyFaceMyBody Awards 2020), Dr Joseph Rizk is a trusted advanced Sydney Plastic Surgeon. He has undergone significant training to become an expert in body, face, and breast surgery. These are his exclusive areas of clinical practice. He also has significant expertise in hair restoration and non-surgical cosmetic therapies, such as injections, chemical peels, and skin rejuvenation laser treatments. He has a particular interest in breast reconstruction. No matter what you're looking to change with plastic surgery Sydney surgeon, Dr. Rizk, can help you realize your vision of your real you.

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“Every patient requires a uniquely tailored solution for their aesthetic goals. I aim to improve the quality of life of each patient through cosmetic techniques. To me, this is the most crucial aspect of being a Plastic Surgeon.”

—Dr Joseph Rizk

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Ensuring Safety

Throughout Your Plastic Surgery Journey

Dr Rizk believes in patient-first plastic surgery. This approach makes sure your safety and aesthetic goals are the foundations of your surgical plan. When you meet with Dr Rizk, he will review your goals with you and help you better understand your options.

You will learn the benefits as well as any potential side effects of each procedure. Dr Rizk will also review your health and medical history to determine if you are healthy enough to safely undergo surgery. This thorough process helps make sure Dr Rizk’s patients have realistic expectations for their surgeries and feel confident enough to select the right procedures.

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Size. Shape. Balance.

Sydney Breast Augmentation

Through breast augmentation Sydney plastic surgeon, Dr Joseph Rizk, creates a personalized plan to alter your breasts’ size (bigger or smaller) and your breast shape to achieve balance — with each other and the rest of your body. Dr Rizk spent years learning the best breast augmentation techniques to use in various scenarios. This knowledge allows him to create personalized treatment plans for each of his patients.

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In Clinic Breast Augmentation Solutions

Sydney Breast Fat Transfer Procedures

Fat transfer to the breast is a minimally-invasive procedure performed by Dr Rizk in the comfort of his clinic in Sydney. With Breast fat transfer, Dr Rizk uses liposuction to remove donor fat from your body. He treats the fat, then injects it into the breasts to add volume. The fat transfer to breast procedure results in larger, more even breasts, without the anesthesia, hospital stay, and recovery time associated with breast augmentation with implants.

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Abdominoplasty Solutions for Sagging Skin

Abdominoplasty in Sydney

Our skin is remarkably elastic, but there are limits to how far it can stretch and snap back. This ability tends to reduce as we age. If you experienced rapid weight loss or pregnancy and now have saggy skin around the midriff, diet and exercise can only do so much to fix it. Abdominoplasty (or a “Abdominoplasty”) removes the excess skin and fat surgically to restore smooth, tight skin around the midsection.

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Shape Sculpting Suction

Sydney Liposuction

Dr Rizk uses liposuction as a way to help patients get rid of stubborn fat in areas that seem resistant to diet or exercise. Patients who live active lifestyles and are within a few pounds of their ideal weight are the ideal candidates for liposuction. Sydney patients who want to improve their ab definition or sculpt their shape can use liposuction with Dr Rizk to remove those last few pounds of fat between them and their ideal image.

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See what patients are saying

Dr Rizk showcases many of his techniques and procedures on his social media pages. He also answers questions that patients have about plastic surgery in Sydney. Follow Dr Rizk on social media to see what patients have to say about his award-winning plastic surgery procedures.

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Virtual and 3D Consultations

Whether you are scheduling your procedure from across the world or across the way, our team offers virtual consultations for your convenience.

We also offer 3D consultations that allow you to see a simulation of what you could look like after your procedure. This helps you make informed decisions about your treatment. With our virtual and 3D consultations, we can often determine your entire surgery plan without you ever setting foot in our office before surgery day.

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White Hill Clinic in Sydney

Healing Meets Luxury

White Hill Clinic in inner West Sydney offers advanced cosmetic treatments in a relaxing, gorgeous setting.

Our goal with these treatments is to restore your body and mind through bio-mimetic, anti-aging skin treatments and products. Each patient who comes to White Hill gets the same white-glove treatment they receive at Dr Rizk’s surgical practice. In fact, Dr Rizk is often on hand to oversee treatments and ensure each patient’s health and safety. We customize our medispa treatment plans to your needs to get the correct treatments based on your skin type and desired results.

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Australia’s Plastic Surgery Destination

Centrally located in West Sydney plastic surgeon Joseph Rizk performs award-winning plastic surgery on patients from across the globe. Our practice receives inquiries from northern Australia, Darwin, New Zealand, Canada, The Philippines — even as far away as London!

No matter where you live, internationally-recognized plastic surgery results can be yours if you travel to see Dr Rizk in Sydney. Our medical concierge team will help you with all the travel arrangements to make sure your trip and procedure go exactly as planned.

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Dr Joseph Rizk became Australasia’s plastic surgeon of the year by making sure that each patient is heard, respected, and treated well. His patient-first approach provides you with the accurate medical information you need to make informed decisions about your course of treatment. At the same time, he offers his decades of knowledge and experience to help you along your path.

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