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Earlobe Surgery In Sydney, New South Wales

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From Hole to Whole

Oversized earrings or piercings may stretch, damage, or tear the ear lobe past the point of natural recovery.

The popular fashion trend of gauges, earplugs, and tunnels can cause unnatural deformations to the ear lobe. Or, if you wear heavy earrings long-term, the skin can get stretched as well. Stretched or torn earlobes may also be caused by a traumatic event such as earrings getting caught in clothing or small children pulling on the ear and causing injury.

Like fashion trends, lifestyle, and your environment all change, the damage would be permanent if not for the recent advances in earlobe repair and earlobe reconstruction. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of fully qualified and highly experienced professionals, Dr Rizk will ensure your ear lobe repair or reconstruction is a success.

What is earlobe surgery?

At Rizk Plastic Surgery in Sydney earlobe surgery or earlobe repair is a cosmetic procedure to restore the appearance of the earlobe.

It can be ideal for those who have stretched out their skin and want to undo the effect, or for people who have experienced trauma or injury to the lobe area. There are a few options for how to repair stretched earlobes, and which one may be right for you all depends on the extent of the deformation. If the hole is relatively small and the shape of the earlobe is not far from “normal,” Dr Rizk may be able to use fillers to close the gap.

For larger holes, however, there is usually excess skin and tissue that needs to be removed before the earlobe can be sewn back together into its original state. No matter the method that works best for you, the goal of any earlobe repair or reconstruction surgery is to create a natural-looking shape that compliments your face.

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Benefits of earlobe repair surgery

If you have had gauges in the past and are ready to remove them or you’ve experienced an accidental tear of your earlobe, you can probably benefit from earlobe reconstruction surgery. The biggest, most obvious benefit is that your torn or stretched-out ear or ears will be whole again. If the damage is only to one ear or your ears are now asymmetrical, you’ll get that original symmetry back. If you have stretched or damaged earlobes for reasons like any of the following, earlobe repair surgery may be able to help you:

  • Sudden, accidental tears
  • Large piercings or gauges
  • Prolonged wear of heavy earrings

Beyond the physical, there can be psychological and emotional benefits as well. If you’ve experienced any loss in self-confidence due to your overstretched or damaged earlobe, this procedure can help you recapture your true sense of self.

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Am I a candidate for earlobe repair and reconstruction?

In general, good candidates for earlobe repair and reconstruction are men and women who have one of the above-listed concerns but otherwise are in good health. They don’t have any major health issues like diabetes or heart disease, and they are free of any infections — especially ear infections — that can complicate their procedure.

Like in all of his cases, Dr Rizk advocates the National Law and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) guidelines that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Regardless of the reason for or extent of the deformity of your earlobe, Dr Rizk will work with you to craft a personalised earlobe reconstruction plan. He’ll make sure to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have throughout the process.

Earlobe repair and reconstruction

Because every person’s hopes for their surgery are different, the exact procedure you undergo will be tailored especially for you. The size and shape of the gap to be repaired and your skin’s elasticity will be major factors that determine the process Dr Rizk recommends, along with your age, weight, and overall health.

All of the surgeries are done at Dr Rizk’s Sydney plastic surgery clinic and are done as outpatient procedures, meaning he will only use topical or regional anesthetic and you’ll be able to go home to begin recovery on the day of your surgery. In cases of relatively minor repairs, Dr Rizk may use only fillers to close the gap and then let your body do the rest of the healing. Or he might need to use an instrument to remove the top layer of skin around the inside of the hole and then use sutures to hold the gap closed as it heals.

For more major repairs like when large gauges have been used to stretch the ear, Dr Rizk will begin by applying the appropriate anesthetic (topical or regional). He will then cut away the skin and tissue you want removed to restore a more natural shape. Once the hole is closed, Dr Rizk will use sutures or a skin adhesive to secure the skin together and dress and bandage the site.

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Your recovery from earlobe repair and reconstruction

Recovery from your earlobe surgery should be relatively quick. Over the first week, you can expect to have significant swelling and tenderness, but this should be fairly manageable with the medication and care Dr Rizk will recommend. He will give you instructions on how to keep the wound and stitches clean so it’s important that you follow them closely.

Dr Rizk will schedule any follow-up appointments to remove the stitches if necessary and to check on your progress. Recovery time varies for each patient, depending on your skin’s resilience and your overall health. Your diligence in following the aftercare instructions and ensuring that your repaired earlobe is protected will go a long way toward speeding your recovery and achieving the best earlobe repair Sydney has to offer.

Your earlobe repair and reconstruction results

After any swelling and bruising have gone away and the scar has faded, the changes you notice will be dramatic. Instead of a large loop of skin or damage from a tear, you will see a normal, natural-looking earlobe that matches and compliments your face.

Continuing to care for your ears and their skin will be instrumental in maintaining their restored natural look. If you do want to get your ears pierced again, you should wait several months at a minimum — Dr Rizk will give you more specific and customized guidance on this after your operation. In the end, what you choose to do will determine how long your ideal results will last.

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Learn more about earlobe repair and reconstruction surgery in Sydney in a consultation with Dr Joseph Rizk

Are you ready to find out if earlobe repair is right for you? Contact Dr Rizk today! He and his expert team in Sydney will talk you through your options and explore if earlobe reconstruction may hold the solutions you’re looking for. To schedule your appointment, you can fill in the consultation form on this page or call us on 1300 707 007, Monday – Friday, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

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