Breast implants and augmentation procedures in Sydney.

Even though mammary glands are primarily designed to feed babies, not all mammals have large breasts. In fact, only female human beings (and the occasional heavy-set male) have ample chests. And since we very rarely breastfeed our babies past the age of 5 years, we can only conclude that breasts serve a bigger purpose than child-rearing.

When you add that to the amount of attention boobs get, both from men and other women, we have to agree that they fulfil a huge aesthetic function. Beautiful breasts can help a woman feel more feminine. They boost her confidence and help her rock plunging dresses, tailored blouses, and cleavage-bearing bikinis. The right cup size can even make a t-shirt look like high fashion.

Another interesting fact is that for many women, once they start having babies, the size and shape of their breasts are affected. At first, breasts get bigger, largely thanks to pregnancy hormones and gland growth. But after a while, size and fullness are compromised. At this point, many mothers begin to feel self-conscious and lose confidence in their looks. While baby-bearing and child-rearing change a woman in many ways, her breasts are often the most visually prominent difference.


Implant Vs Fat Grafts

It makes sense then that breast implants are the most popular form of breast surgery. Breasts can be augmented using implants or fat transfer. While fat grafting gives a more natural feel, it can’t increase your cup size as dramatically as implants can. Grafts are better for reshaping than they are for size enhancement. In some cases, you can actually combine a breast implant and fat grafts for a better overall effect.

A breast surgeon can also use fat grafts to improve symmetry. For most women, the sizes of their left and right breast don’t match. It might be a small difference that only the woman is aware of, or it could be a divergence of one or more cup sizes. Suctioning fat from the tummy or some other part of the body and grafting it into the smaller breast can be helpful. Plus, it trims fatty flanks in the process, so it’s a win-win.

In addition to pregnancy and childbirth, weight loss can be a big driver for a boob job. You may end up with loose skin, but you’ll also drop a few band and cup sizes, which can leave you looking and feeling sensually imbalanced. Some patients elect for breast augmentation because they’re unhappy with their A-cup, or because they feel their natural B, C, or even D aren’t where they’d like to be size-wise.


Bigger Can be Better

It’s perfectly okay to want your breasts to be bigger. Everyone has a right to feel beautiful and if the answer for you is a breast implant, Sydney hosts some one of the best surgeons around. Dr Rizk’s practice is based in Sydney, and he is qualified, accredited, and comes highly recommended.

In case you’re wondering about the mechanics of breast augmentation, Sydney surgeons use two main placement options. Your implants can be positioned behind the breast tissue to give more fullness. In case the patient is on the smaller side and doesn’t have much natural breast tissue, the implants can be inserted below the chest muscle. As an added benefit, your new breasts will slope more naturally if your implants go below your muscle.

Both options have advantages and different effects, and your surgeon can consult with you on what works best. Dr Rizk takes these consultations very seriously, and he strives to make sure you are at ease and are confident in his abilities. He will gladly answer all your questions, no matter how trivial you think they are. And he will do so with utmost care and professionalism.


Positioning Your Implants

Another issue you might be curious about is the kind of incision you will get. Dr Rizk can discuss your options with you and suggest the most suitable one. There are three primary locations for breast incision. The surgeon might make his incision on your armpit and place it in from the side, or he might make the slit in the fold under your breast, positioning the implant from underneath.

The third option is to make the cut right on your areola, though this is more common for nipple correction than it is for implants. Areolar incisions are helpful in reshaping and repositioning because the surgeon can manipulate breast tissue and settle it better, tightening the skin and firming the breast for a perkier silhouette.

Dr Rizk is experienced with all sorts of implants. Modern technology has also introduced contoured implants for more shape control. These include tear drop, textured, or rounded. There are also implants with targeted positioning, in terms of high, medium or low profile.

The position of your implant has a direct impact on the shape of your new breasts, and Dr Rizk will assess your body type and advise you on what would be the most flattering. Another key issue is size. Most women come in with a set cup size in mind, but there are other factors to bear in mind.

Dr Rizk will gladly guide you on defining principles you may not have considered. For example, how much additional weight can your back support without causing pain and damage? What is the best shape and size for your body type? Dr Rizk has been in this business a long time, and he might even surprise you by asking you to go a few CCs larger than you had planned.

If you’re still feeling a little lost, you can get in touch with Dr Rizk directly, so that he can set your mind at ease. You can post your private question on our website and the Doctor will respond before three days are over. If you’re more technologically inclined, or if you live far away, you can consult Dr Rizk on Skype at a reasonable fee.

For a sexier, happier, and more fulfilled you, get in touch with Dr Rizk’s Sydney surgery today. You can familiarise yourself with the clinic before you get settled, and book your customised consultation, beginning your journey to bigger, more beautiful breasts.

Dr Rizk advocates the National Law and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) guidelines that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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