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Dermal Fillers In Sydney, New South Wales

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At White Hill Clinic in Sydney dermal fillers can help you look younger and more radiant in just one hour.

Dr Joseph Rizk is an award-winning Sydney plastic surgeon who has helped men and women all over Australia recapture their youthful appearance through treatments with dermal fillers. He will work with you to address all of your concerns and help you find the treatment options that work for you.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers (also known as “facial fillers” or “injectables”)

are cosmetic treatments that use chemicals or medical-grade materials to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or “shallow” spots in the skin. They are highly versatile and can be used in several related procedures, including facelifts, body contouring, and non-surgical Rhinoplastys.

There are many compounds available for use as a dermal filler, and your best option is selected based on several factors:

  • Your skin condition
  • The scope of the procedure
  • The intended duration to achieve your desired results
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Benefits of Dermal Fillers

There are many benefits of using dermal fillers over other more invasive and extensive treatment options. While the changes fillers can make are more limited, they are significantly less expensive in terms of both money and time. Treatments with dermal fillers are appropriate to address a host of issues such as:

  • Thin lips
  • Recessed scars
  • Shallow contours
  • Shadows under your eyes
  • Wrinkles and fine lines, including “laugh lines” and “crow’s feet”

Facial fillers are great for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines in the face and have a lower chance of an adverse reaction than some other injectables. In many cases, the fillers are compounds already present in your body, so they’re less likely to be treated as hostile by your immune system. This generally means your recovery will be faster and at low risk of complications. Fillers used in contexts besides the face have the same low risks. To ensure you get the best benefits from dermal fillers Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Rizk will tailor your treatments to meet your specific needs and concerns. He will discuss all of the options with you and help you determine the best and most effective way to address them

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Dermal Filler Procedure

There are several options for your choice of dermal filler. They each carry particular advantages to address a variety of situations, and Dr Rizk will help you find the one that is right for you. Some commonly-used dermal fillers are:

  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Polyacrylamide gel
  • Calcium hydroxyapatite

The procedure for applying each of these is the same, and, in most cases, the entire process will take less than an hour at White Hill Clinic.

To begin, Dr Rizk will gently numb the area to be treated with a topical or local anesthetic. Then, he will inject the filler under the skin in several places around the targeted area to ensure the filler is evenly distributed and will result in a natural, healthy look.

Your Dermal Filler
Treatment Results

Your results will most likely be immediately apparent. “Hollow” spaces will be filled in and full, giving your face the healthy appearance you were missing.

You’ll see you have a younger look because wrinkles and creases will be noticeably reduced. Overall, you’ll see a younger, more radiant you! It’s important to remember that dermal fillers are designed to be gradually reabsorbed by the body, so the results will be temporary. Their duration typically lasts between six and 24 months.

However, it depends on several factors like your skin’s condition and your level of activity — strenuous exercise or manual labor can increase circulation which speeds up the absorption of the filler material. Finally, a commitment to caring for your skin well and protecting it from unnecessary stress is important. Guarding your skin against dehydration and exposure to the sun will help make your results last as long as possible.

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Am I a candidate for dermal filler treatments?

People who want to reduce the effects of ageing in their face but aren’t ready for a more extensive surgery make great candidates for dermal filler treatments. The best candidates also understand the risks and limitations of this technique and have realistic expectations for it. Under the National Law and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) guidelines, Dr Rizk recommends you get a second opinion from a different qualified healthcare provider.

We know that all cosmetic procedures involve some risk of complications or adverse reactions, so getting a second opinion before going forward is always good advice. Good candidates are also non-smokers who are in good general health. They don’t have any serious medical issues like diabetes or cancer and don’t have any active infections. Overall skin health is also an important factor in the effectiveness of dermal fillers, so having good skin elasticity and resilience is important.

Your Dermal Filler Treatment Recovery

It is relatively easy to recover from dermal filler treatments because they are minimally invasive. There is sometimes some slight swelling and redness around the injection sites, but this usually subsides in less than a week.

Any discomfort is easily managed with at-home or over-the-counter remedies. There is a risk that the injectables can interfere with blood flow in the skin and cause complications. Dr Rizk will explain what to look out for and what to do in the unlikely event these adverse effects arise.

Consult Dr Rizk about dermal fillers in Sydney

You can find out if dermal fillers are the solution you’re looking for today! Dr Rizk and his team of professionals at White Hill Clinic in Sydney are ready to answer all of your questions. To schedule your appointment, just complete the consultation request form on this page, or call us on 1300 707 007, during office hours Monday – Friday, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Dr Rizk advocates the National Law and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) guidelines that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Dr Joseph Rizk became Australasia’s plastic surgeon of the year by making sure that each patient is heard, respected, and treated well. His patient-first approach provides you with the accurate medical information you need to make informed decisions about your course of treatment. At the same time, he offers his decades of knowledge and experience to help you along your path.

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