Plastic surgery procedures for the whole body in Sydney

The media has shaped our view of what a beautiful human body should be. Our mind also tells us how we should look and feel in our own skin. No one is exempt from feeling discontent or unhappy about certain parts of their body. There will always be times when you tell yourself, “I wish I had less here” or “I wish I had more there”. Whether it be from the result of a new addition to the family, stubborn parts of your body that stay the same no matter how hard you exercise or the results of your amazing, weight loss journey which has left excessive skin – body plastic surgery is the most popular way to achieve your new look and get back that body you deserve. 

The most common type of body plastic surgery is liposuction to remove excess fat deposits from stubborn regions.  Many of our patients also choose a tummy tuck as an stand-alone alternative or combine the procedure it with liposuction for that complete body makeover.  We also assist women in adjusting to gynaecological changes through childbirth with our ‘mummy makeover’ procedures, as well as removal of excessive skin around the stomach (known as a ‘body lift’), Brachioplasty (‘Arm Lift’) and Thigh Lift. Some of the procedures we can perform to help you achieve the body you want include: 

Dr Rizk is an Australian-trained, specialist body plastic surgeon who works exclusively on cosmetic procedures with many years of experience and specialist training in body plastic surgery. It is with this experience and professionalism that we understand your aspirations and set realistic expectations and outcomes as to what may be achieved. We know you’ll undoubtedly love the final effect, the new you, the real you.  

Experience Dr’s Rizk’s vision of improved quality of life through clinical excellence and client satisfaction. You’ll be amazed what he can do for you. Have the body you crave, have the body you deserve.

Body Plastic Surgery Procedures Sydney

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