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The Best Breast Implants for You PLASTIC SURGERY IN SYDNEY

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Breast augmentation remains an extremely popular procedure for women of all ages because it gives patients the control to achieve the exact look and feel they have always wanted for the greatest sense of self-confidence.

Along with the typical questions when it comes to breast size, surgeons often ask patients to consider the shape and materials used in the implants for their desired look.

So what are the options for patients?

Silicon gel versus saline versus stable implants

The materials used in the implants can change the look and feel of the final result. With more options available on the market, patients are advised to explore the different products to find the most appropriate implant.

  • Saline implants: filled with sterile saline solution, these implants are usually the least invasive of all augmentations. Offering a smooth, realistic texture, the implants are inserted through a small incision while empty, before then being filled with saline solution.
  • Silicone gel implants: using medical grade silicone gel, these implants more accurately replicate the look and feel of natural breast tissue. Unlike saline implants, silicone gel implants require more extensive incisions during the procedure and require on-going upkeep to prevent and detect ruptures.
  • Stable implants: also known as cohesive gel implants, these are firmer implants that maintain their shape even when the shell is broken. Patients also report a natural look and feel with these implants.

What shape works best for you?

There are two shapes available for patients when it comes to implants: round and teardrop shaped.

Both types offer a slightly different result, and it’s important for those keen on augmentation to assess the results other patients have achieved with both.

Round implants: Arguably the most popular shape, these implants are used to attain the popular lingerie model look that has become increasingly desirable in recent years. Creating soft, pillow-like and perfectly proportioned breasts, these implants offer the greatest flexibility – working well with patients of different breast and body shapes.

Teardrop implants: Made from a stable silicon material, these implants are thicker at the base and thinner at the top, creating a firm, more naturally shaped breast look. Available in different lengths and widths to suit the patient, patients tend to find these implants make their breasts look and feel more natural than the pillow-like, thick rounded implants. These implants also avoid roundness above the nipple, focussing on developing the space beneath the nipple for a more natural side profile.

Choosing the right breast implant for your desired result starts with finding the right Breast surgeon Sydney. If you would like more information on how you can select the right product for you and your needs, please contact Dr Joseph Rizk’s office on 1300 440 441 or visit www.drrizk.com.au.

Dr Joseph Rizk became Australasia’s plastic surgeon of the year by making sure that each patient is heard, respected, and treated well. His patient-first approach provides you with the accurate medical information you need to make informed decisions about your course of treatment. At the same time, he offers his decades of knowledge and experience to help you along your path.

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