Fat Transfer and Breast Augmentation Sydney

SCARS: Fat transfer to breast VS breast Augmentation scar

Breast Implant Scar Vs Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Scar

This posting will aim to inform you about the difference between in the two procedures.

Difference Between Breast Implant Scar Vs Fat transfer Breast Augmentation scar

Breast Implant Scar Fat transfer Breast Augmentation scar
Breast Augmentation Scars

your plastic surgeon will decide the most appropriate incision to make when inserting the implant

Fat Transfer Breast Scars

tiny needle holes, usually no scar presents in Fat transfer breast augmentation

The Verdict

If scarring is your number one concern, then fat grafting breast augmentation provides the least amount of scarring.  however the scar is not usually my patients number one concern other factors that patients need to consider when deciding to go ahead with a breast augmentation via implants or via fat grafting are

a) size

b) dramatic effect

c) shape

c)time to achieve results ( fat grafting breast augmentation usually takes 2 procedures each 3 – 4 hours long)

Dr Rizk’s method for ensuring ALL scars for ALL procedures are very faint in appearance.

1)  First and foremost when Dr Rizk closes the skin after a breast augmentation, he does so in a way that reflects 15 years of surgical experience.  specifically he has learnt a technique from a world renowned plastic surgeon in the Netherlands.  this particular method leaves the skin with a faint line scar.

2)Dr Rizk personally sees you multiple times after you have your breast augmentation, this way Dr Rizk can assess how YOU personally are healing.  This is the first and most vital step to ensure that You get the best scar possible.

2) Proper DRESSINGS are checked are re dressed to ensure your breast augmentation scar is clean and healing nicely.

3) After a fe weeks massaging your breasts and incision site will be necessary. During your multiple post operative visits Dr Rizk will teach you How to MASSAGE your scar and which silicone OILS to use to ensure your fat transfer to the breast scar and breast augmentation scar is being properly looked after.

3) Depending on your skin tone, different breast augmentation scar management plans will be put in place.  for example, darker skin tones ( Indian, African, Middle eastern and Asian) may require more  vigorous massaging and scar management.

4)  If Dr Rizk or yourself is not achieving the most desirable scar ( which is rare) He may perform fractional C02 laser sessions on the scar in order to stimulate fast and a less obvious scar.

5) Finally if you have a complication with your scar (very very very rare with Dr Rizk) Dr Rizk will perform a surgical scar revision on your breast augmentation scar

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