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Facelift Recovery: What to Expect After You Go Home PLASTIC SURGERY IN SYDNEY

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According to research, the amount of facelift surgeries has increased by over 50% in the last decade. If you are not ready to show the signs of aging and are planning a facelift, you are not alone. It is advisable to know the stages of facelift recovery so you know what to expect.

The global anti-aging market is worth an  astounding $42.51 billion,  and the worst part about that statistic is that most anti-aging skin care does not work. In order to reduce those deep lines and wrinkles, you need a rhytidectomy, otherwise known as facelift surgery to firm and tighten your face.

Thankfully, these procedures are so common nowadays that they have become so advanced, and the recovery time is less than half of what it used to be. However, it is important to know what to expect with recovery so that you can plan ahead and heal properly.

Keep on reading to learn all the facelift recovery tips you need to heal quickly and start turning heads! 

Facelift Recovery – Week One 

Just like any surgery, the first week is the most important part of your facelift recovery, so it is important to follow the exact directions of your surgeon. We will give you a detailed outline of what to expect in your first week of post operation.

Day One 

Day one is the most vulnerable day of your surgery. That being said, it is vital to have someone with you for the first few days to take care of everything for you. 

You will wake up with a bandage around your face, and possibly a drain as well. Some patients claim it feels quite painful, and to others, it feels comfortable like being coddled like a baby. You will have pain medication prescribed to you by your doctor, so there will be no major pain to worry about. 

You could be experiencing some dizziness from either the procedure or the medications, so this is where your caretaker or friend will help you when you need to go to the bathroom or any minor moving.

Day Two

You will already be making progress on day two as there will be much less pain. The first layer bandages will be removed along with the drain if you had one, and a new bandage will be applied.

You should avoid eating foods that are hard to chew because this could aggravate the muscles, causing more swelling in the located areas around the jaw.

Day Three

On day three you are able to get up and walk around your house doing light activities, as the circulation will help with your healing. We do strongly advise you to take it easy and do not do anything that will raise your heartbeat. 

You will feel much better on day three, from here on it is smooth sailing till your bandages are off and you are out feeling fabulous!

Day Four

Depending on your rate of healing, this will possibly be the day where your bandages and some stitches are removed. The doctor will give you a new compression-style bandage to wear for up to ten days following this day.

Your sutures and stitches may be feeling itchy, which is a sign that your incisions are healing well. Try to refrain from itching them as much as possible. 

Day Five

Five days post-operation you will start to see a lot of results. The swelling will be down and there will be little to no pain, so it is safe to discontinue the use of pain medications at this time.

It may be tiring to be still sleeping in the upright position, so thankfully you can go to bed knowing that this may be the last night you have to do so, however, if your face feels tight, you should notify your doctor and they will suggest that you continue sleeping upright for a couple more days. 

Day Six

You will be moving around much easier on day six, and this is typically the day where your stitches will be removed. If so, this means that you are healing quickly and everything should be feeling back to normal soon. 

Your doctor may clear you for sleeping and you will finally be able to lay your head on the pillow at this point. You will still feel some tightness, but due to the procedure, this is expected. If it is too much for you, continue sleeping upright.

Week Two Post Operation – Progress

One week can make a tremendous difference in your facelift recovery, you will be back to your normal routine, but making sure you are still not performing anything very strenuous such as the gym just yet.

You will notice quite a bit of bruising show up at this time around the eyes, ears, neck, face, and chin. If you feel self-conscious about it or want to hide it, you can apply a bit of makeup to cover it up.

It is also very normal to feel a burning, numbing, tingling sensation around the areas of the incisions. If this gets too uncomfortable, go back to sleeping upright for a couple of nights until it subsides. 

Week Three – Almost Back to Normal

You will start to feel almost back to normal around three weeks after your surgery, the bruising will subside and the tingly sensation will start to dissipate. You will be able to get back to work without fear of showing your face, and you can also get back to exercising again, as long as it will not risk any injury to your youthful-looking face.

Your incisions may appear a bit pink which is completely normal, the skin is fresh and will go back to normal within a couple of months. It is also advisable to be cautious with being in the sun, as it could affect the healing of your skin and reduce scarring.

One Month Post-Operation

Most symptoms will have subsided by now, but do keep in mind that a scar can take up to a year to heal. You may still feel a bit of tingling, numbing, stinging once in a while, and your face and neck will feel tight, all of this is completely normal. The best thing to know is that you will not be experiencing any pain.

By this time, you can go back to your social life without feeling self-conscious, so it is time to flaunt your new look and feel proud of everything you did to get to this point.  

Ready to Have That Youthful Appearance Again?

If you follow the facelift recovery instructions correctly, you are well on your way to flaunting a youthful appearance and looking fabulous! 

Have any questions regarding facelift surgery? Feel free to contact us at any time, we would be happy to assist you. 

Dr Joseph Rizk became Australasia’s plastic surgeon of the year by making sure that each patient is heard, respected, and treated well. His patient-first approach provides you with the accurate medical information you need to make informed decisions about your course of treatment. At the same time, he offers his decades of knowledge and experience to help you along your path.

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