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Fat Transfer breast augmentation, What’s it all about?

Heres some FAQ that may help you get  your head around what Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is, and if its suitable for you!  In the coming weeks we will keep you posted with more information and other FAQ as they come!

What is breast fat transfer to the breast?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a Breast augmentation by autologous fat transfer or fat transfer to the breast is an organic implant free breast augmentation for people who want bigger breasts.   Fat cells are removed from one part of your body and injected to the breast

How does fat transfer breast augmentation work?

 1) Fat is harvested very gently and at a low vacuum ( much slower than regular liposuction).

2)  Fat is transferred to injection syringes with great delicateness.

3)   The fat is then injected into the breast in small amounts into different layers of the breast tissue.

  This ensure the fat survives, if the surgeon is heavy handed and injects the fat in large amounts  this can lead to less than desirable results

   I am then able to carefully shape the breast to the patients desire.  this is a very delicate and individualised approach to fat transfer to the breast

Is  fat transfer to the breast safe?

Yes. A 6 year study has shown that fat grafting to the breast is safe and effective to create bigger breasts.  For details of this 6 year 81 patient study assessing the effectiveness of fat transfer breast augmentation see this link

Is fat transfer breast augmentation cheaper than implants?

No, fat transfer breast augmentation takes a lot more patients and time for the surgeon. Because it is a very delicate procedure some surgeons cannot perform it. So often it is more expensive.

Who Performs fat transfer to the breast in Australia?

Not many surgeons! But Dr Joseph Rizk does! He has travelled to the United states of America to perfect the technique. He quite enjoys the delicateness of this procedure and appreciates the natural and delicate results it creates.

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