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Some Insider Tips On Choosing the Right Sized Breast Implants

Not sure what size to go with your breast implants? It’s a common issue that women face in the lead up to having surgery. You don’t want to go too big, and yet you don’t want to go too small. So, what’s the perfect size? Thankfully, in our clinic, we have performed many, many breast enhancements for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and have a good idea of what women what, and what looks great on your body. So here are some tips for choosing your breast implant size from the insiders…

What do most women choose?

If you’re looking statistically, when it comes to breast implants in 2017, a large proportion choose to go for a C cup to a small D cup. This is generally a nice “bigger” size, without being over the top. However, if you’d like to go for a larger size, this is entirely up to you!

The size of the actual implant itself (not just the cup size) is just like a bra. If you’re a 10, 12, 14, 16, etc. then the width of the implant will go up proportionally to fit your body. The right surgeon will be able to give you the perfect fit.

It’s not all about size

It’s about shape, too. While you may know that there are round implants or teardrop implants, did you know that there are variations on the teardrop implants shape to choose from, too? The shape of your implant determines how it will look on your chest, and different shapes look better on some bodies than others.

What about profile?

The profile of a breast implant is how far the implant projects away from the chest. You can get implants in low profile, medium profile and high profile. Low means the implant will not stick out so much, while high profile means that the breast will stick out further from the body. The profile of the implant chosen will depend on how much breast tissue you already have, as well as how far out you would like your implants to sit.

To get the right sized breast implants you should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Joseph Rizk. With so many years helping women find the ideal implant shape, size, and profile, Dr. Rizk is in the best position to give you the advice that you need when you come for a consult. He can help in picking the right implant for you, as well as show you how you will look with different sized implants – so you can see for yourself before you take the plunge.

Contact us to set up an appointment to discover the ideal implant size for you.

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