Skin Care Sydney – 3 steps to great skin

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Skin care for Sydney can be achieved in 3 steps. The aim of skin care is to protect your skin and reduce the visible signs of skin ageing. Everyone seems to give different advice concerning daily skin care for Sydney weather. Dr Joseph Rizk Plastic Surgeon in Woollahra, the eastern suburbs of Sydney explains the essentials for great skin.

To a certain degree the type of product you use depends on your skin type and pre-existing diseases and allergies. However there are 3 steps to great skin.

These 3 steps are:

Cleansing & exfoliating


Sun protection


Cleansing & Exfoiliating

Cleanse in the morning and night. Use a gentle non-soap cleanser.

When it comes to exfoliating avoid harsh scrubs. The act of manually rubbing the skin off or using a coarse scrub is counter productive. Doing these actions over time will stretch your skin and promote permanent saggy and lax skin.



A good moisturiser is essential for good skin care in Sydney. A moisturiser will hydrate your skin which will help keep your skin cells working properly. Even if you have oily skin it is still important to moisturise. People with oily skin should use an  oil free formula.


Sun protection

In Sydney, Australia a minimum SPF 30 should be worn daily. This should be zinc based and can be a stand alone sunscreen or combined with a moisturiser or foundation make-up. Apply it often throughout the day after sweating and swimming if it isn’t water resistant. A good product is Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF 30+ which isn’t the traditional zinc sunscreen you used as a child or the one Cricketers used to wear.


Extra care

Antioxidants are believed to protect the skin from sun induced damaging free radicals. Antioxidants like vitamin C come in a serum and can help remove free radicals before they cause wrinkles and pigmented skin.


In these busy times most Sydney siders haven’t kept up with our daily skin care and our skin has seen better days. Many of us could benefit from a booster treatment to improve our skin health as we start this daily routine.


Dr Joseph Rizk, Plastic Surgeon offers skin assessment and can provide a laser treatment to kickstart your daily routine so that you start with rejuvenated skin. Contact us using the form below.

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