Why do women undergo breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty

It shouldn’t be about size but about attitude.

Dr. Joseph Rizk Sydney-based Plastic Surgeon

The term “boob job” describes an operation to increase and change the shape of a woman’s breasts. The term is used commonly and everyone seems to know what it involves. The question of why women have a boob job or more appropriately, breast augmentation mammoplasty is varied.

Breasts are associated with woman-hood and beauty.

Society and the fashion/beauty industry bombard us with images or starlets and models focusing on the female anatomy and what is thought to be beautiful.For some women that can make them feel less of a woman and for others it does not even register.

Feeling like a woman should not be based on any physical attribute but more on a mind-set and attitude. And for this reason any person considering a breast augmentation procedure should examine her motivations and expectations and speak to a qualified Plastic Surgeon. The correctly motivated and well-informed patient with the correct Plastic Surgeon will have a great result, feel sexy and report more positive feelings towards their sexuality. If you are considering surgery come in for a consultation with me, Dr. Joseph Rizk to be empowered with information so you can make the best decision. My Plastic Surgery office is located in the suburb of Burwood in Sydney.

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