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Why a Mummy Makeover could be the best Xmas gift ever! PLASTIC SURGERY IN SYDNEY

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The female body is incredible. It’s widely accepted by many that women are more flexible, have a better memory, a longer lifespan and even a stronger sense of taste and smell than the opposite sex. And of course, Women can become mothers. Women can carry a tiny miracle around for nine months and then give birth to a beautiful little human being. Motherhood can be one of the most rewarding times of a woman’s life and, any mother will tell you that it can also be one of the toughest, physically and emotionally.

Those first few months are a shock, sleepless nights, constantly changing nappies, feeding and rocking your little one into the late hours of the night. Then come the toddler years, you spend your days following your child around, making sure they are safe and happy, teaching them to stand on their own two feet and then to walk, run, swim and suddenly, they are learning to drive and you are still waiting to find some free time so you can start trying to get your pre baby body back.

Of course it is worth it, you have a beautiful family and they’re worth every stretch mark, wrinkle, love handle and every change that has happened to your body since you became a mother.

Pregnancy doesn’t just affect one part of your body, Dr Rizk and his team understand the various physical changes that can happen when you become a mother, so they designed The Mummy Makeover to target those areas that so often change with pregnancy.

Helping you to gain fullness and symmetry back in your breasts after breastfeeding. Tightening that tummy that just won’t bounce back after carrying a baby. Sculpting those arms and thighs that have been neglected while you were raising a family.

You can even lift that backside that disappeared when gravity took hold with a Brazilian butt lift. Being able to tailor The Mummy Makeover to specific body concerns is multi tasking at its best and all mothers can appreciate that. Being able to raise confident, happy and healthy children is something all mothers can appreciate as well, it’s what all mothers want.

Far too often though, mothers put their children before themselves which may come naturally but isn’t always good for you and your family. When you show your children that you are valuable enough to make yourself a priority, they learn that they are also valuable. They learn self-awareness and that the more you look after yourself, the better you can look after others.

Some of the most well known mothers in the world speak often about making themselves a priority, Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie know that spending some “Me Time” is time well spent and helps to make them a better mother. Ask your mum and she will tell you the same thing.

So if you need some “Me Time” to correct areas of your body that you want to improve, taking some time this December to get a Mummy Makeover is one of the best Christmas presents you can give yourself and your family.

Dr Joseph Rizk became Australasia’s plastic surgeon of the year by making sure that each patient is heard, respected, and treated well. His patient-first approach provides you with the accurate medical information you need to make informed decisions about your course of treatment. At the same time, he offers his decades of knowledge and experience to help you along your path.

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