Mummy makeover procedures in Sydney

Mummy Makeover Surgery

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, a new mum’s body might not return to its former proportions. Even with regular exercise and a good diet, there can be permanent changes. In some ways, becoming a mum is the ultimate symbol of femininity, but with her new post-baby body, she may not feel as beautiful as she is.

A Mummy Makeover improves a mummy’s figure and tone. It removes excess skin and underlying fat, as well as re-sculpting specific areas of her body. This involves a combination of surgical and cosmetic procedures. It may include:

  • Liposuction to remove and reshape areas of stubborn fat
  • Tummy Tuck to flatten the stomach, tighten the abdominal muscles, and shape the waist
  • Breast Lift to raise sagging breasts and give a youthful bust
  • Breast Augmentation to restore volume to breasts that have become deflated
  • A combination of Breast Lift and Breast Implant Augmentation
  • Thigh Lift to contour and reduce the width of the inner thighs
  • Arm Lift to tighten the skin on the upper arms
  • Butt Lift to raise and contour a sagging bottom
  • Brazilian Butt Lift to add volume to the buttocks and sculpt the waist


When to Get Your Mummy Makeover

Although it’s the most common type of Mummy Makeover, Sydney surgeons can confirm the Mummy Makeovers aren’t restricted to new mums. Some families prefer to wait until their children are toddling or school age before committing to the surgery. The beauty of the Mummy Makeover, as opposed to other cosmetic surgeries, is that it revamps her whole body, giving a head-to-toe new look.

While the Mummy Makeover seems like a convenient shortcut to a beautiful body, there are other considerations. Like all forms of cosmetic surgery, your curves will improve drastically, but your weight might not. While liposuction and lifts do reduce the volume of fat in your body, the focus is on reshaping. Your surgeon can strategically take out sections of fat to give you better contours, but it will not result in significant weight loss.

So if you’re planning to get rid of post-baby fat. Begin with a healthy regime of diet and exercise so that you can slim down. Once you’re down to a healthy weight, a surgeon can help you put the bang back in your body. It’s a good idea to wait for 3 or 6 months after you have stopped breastfeeding your child before you get your Mummy Makeover. If possible, hold off until you have had all your children, since future pregnancies will adjust your shape once more.

Many surgeons will not admit that Mummy Makeovers will make you more shapely, but they won’t make you thinner. This leads to disappointment due to unrealistic expectations. A good surgeon will tell you exactly what you’re getting into, and the kind of results he can deliver.

Once you’ve settled on a date for surgery, you need to prepare your body. For two weeks before surgery and the first two weeks of recovery, you will have to promise not to smoke. You will also need to avoid aspirin and other medications that will thin your blood, since this can cause complications during surgery.

The Mummy Makeover is a series of surgeries that can be taken as a whole package for complete transformation, but you don’t necessarily have to get the whole thing. It’s perfectly fine to pick and choose the bits that work for you. If you’re uncertain of the clearest path, Dr Rizk can do a full examination and share his thoughts on what combination would be best for you. But you can also come in and show him your wish list, then he can collaborate with you to make it work.

Common Steps in Mummy Makeovers

The most common procedures for mothers are breast enhancements, which can be restricted to lifts or include implants for augmentation. A few mums might even want a reduction to go with their breast lift, since their breasts got bigger during pregnancy and they’d like to go back to their pert pre-baby cup size.

The second favourite is the tummy tuck. Patients may have succeeded in losing their baby bump, but many mums still have loose skin and stubborn tummy fat. They also need to reposition the stomach muscles that were stretched by their growing uterus. A tummy tuck sheds the excess fat and tightens the skin to produce a nice, smooth midriff.

Number three on the most-popular-surgery list is liposuction. Mums use this procedure to shape their tummy, flanks, underarms, thighs, bottoms, and other regions of unwanted stubborn fat. Of course, not all excess fat came from the baby. Mum may have had a little extra even before her pregnancy. Still, the Mummy Makeover is the perfect opportunity to take care of all trouble areas in one go, so it works out in the end.

If you feel it’s time to discuss your options, get in touch with Dr Rizk and find out more about the Mummy Makeovers. You can call us, fill in our web form, or register for a detailed skype consultation.

Dr Rizk advocates the National Law and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) guidelines that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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