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The psychological benefits of a Mummy Makeover PLASTIC SURGERY IN SYDNEY

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Having a baby is wonderful, at least once you’re over the dramatic shift of dealing with a newborn. It’s one thing to have a life growing inside you; it’s another to hold that fragile bundle in your arms and to experience his/her powerful set of lungs.

Each stage of motherhood is an experience, and for a while, you won’t manage to do much beyond looking after your precious little one. But after a while, your focus will shift back to yourself. You might look at yourself and begin to dwell on the way your body has changed.

Even as you appreciate the miracle of creating a new human, and as much as you thank your body for achieving this amazing task, you probably wish you could get the result without the stretch marks. You probably wish you could turn back time, flip a switch, or join a reality TV show to make it all go away.

Is Mummy Makeover the answer?

Well, there’s no button or camera, but there’s something even better. A Mummy Makeover. It fixes the wobbly bits, firms the loose areas, and gives you back almost your pre-baby body. In fact, you may end up looking even better than you did before.

When you first ask about a Mummy Makeover, our Sydney Plastic Surgeon doctor will focus on the physical benefits. He will ask you what areas you’d like to improve. The Plastic Surgeon will examine you and tell you what they can fix for you and how. But there’s so much more to Mummy Makeovers than restoring a firm, supple figure.

Mums not only deal with the challenge of raising their children. They also deal with a loss of self. For many women, ‘being a mum’ soon surpasses being a wife, or even being human. They get so caught up caring for their children that they forget to care for themselves.

Having a mummy makeover restores that sense of self because it reminds her to view herself as an attractive, sexy human being that can still turn heads even after bringing a new life. (which is its own kind of superpower by the way). It lets her shift focus from motherhood to womanhood, and this is a gift that every woman needs.

A needed break?

Makeover surgeries also give mums a much-needed break. During their weeks of recovery, they can put their feet up and let someone else worry about the diapers, school lunches, and laundry. It lets her enjoy being pampered for a change, and as family and friends realise what a big gap they have to fill, they will appreciate her efforts that much more. However, a mummy makeover is no walk in the park and your Sydney Plastic Surgeon will take you through the nitty gritty of it all.

Mums have a lot to deal with. They have to deal with media images, loss of esteem from baby weight, and the physical and psychological burden of looking after their families. It takes a toll. While these issues can’t be fixed overnight, giving her a rocking body will go a long way in restoring a mum’s energy, spirit, and presence in the world.

If you’d like to know more about Mummy Makeovers, visit our clinic or call us on 1300 707 007.

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