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How Does a Fat Transfer Improve the Youthfulness of the Face? PLASTIC SURGERY IN SYDNEY

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Fat transfers is a relatively new method of restoring youthfulness in the face. And like any new procedure on the market, there is a lot of confusion around what it actually does. This post seeks to provide information on how exactly fat transfer works and why it is becoming a popular alternative to fillers for providing a youthful appearance for both women and men.

Fat transfer is two procedures in one
Fat transfer involves removing the fat cells from one area of the body and injecting them into another area of the body. It is also called fat grafting. The process of removing the fat from the first area is not achieved by traditional liposuction and uses a more involved technique so as not to destroy the fat cells in the body.

Fat transfer has a similar effect to fillers
Fillers are a popular choice for many people to help them regain a youthful look, particularly in the face. They can be used to fill in wrinkles, to plump up areas where volume loss has occurred, or to contour the face. Fat transfer is similar in this manner, except the fat itself lasts longer than traditional fillers do. Fillers generally last between 6 and 18 months, whereas fat transfer is more a semi-permanent option.

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Fat transfer is all natural
Fat transfer gives a natural appearance when applied correctly, especially as it is all natural, harvested from your very own body. It is your own fat, so it behaves exactly the same as your own fat does. If you are nervous about putting other fillers into your body this makes a fat transfer an excellent alternative for a more youthful, natural appearance.

Fat transfer is for all ages
No matter what age you are, fat transfer can help to transform your face into a more youthful appearance. If you would like higher cheekbones, fewer wrinkles, a reduction in under eye bags or nasolabial folds, or any other concerns regarding contouring or rejuvenating the face, then a fat transfer can help. This procedure is being used by women from their early 20s for contouring, through to their 70s and 80s for wrinkle filling – it really is alternative method to fillers that has many different purposes and effects.

Dr Joseph Rizk offers fat transfer procedures, a more permanent alternative to traditional fillers. If you would like a consultation to see whether you are viable for a fat transfer procedure, call our offices to book your initial appointment. We love helping clients to achieve the youthful appearance and glow that fat transfer can help to achieve.

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